Dinner Tonight: Quick-Seared Sichuan Beef Stew

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I have a strained relationship with beef stew. I understand how it should theoretically taste, but I’ve just been disappointed too many times. In my mind it should be comforting and warming, but instead I get something dull, grey, and sad. Fortunately, this recipe from Susanna Foo’s Fresh Inspiration is the opposite. It is slightly spicy, acidic, fragrant, and remarkably quick to prepare. And the catch is…

It’s apparently a Sichuan beef stew, which means it has nothing in common with any kind of beef stew I grew up with. That’s totally cool by me. Infused with garlic, ginger, and star anise, and balanced by orange zest, the liquid from this dish reduces down to a potent sauce, which I wouldn’t mind drizzling on all kinds of other things.

Since there are no potatoes or other vegetables in the pot, the beef definitely needs a partner to make a filling dinner. The recipe suggests noodles, which definitely works. I also ate some leftovers on some rice, which wasn’t quite as good, but still got the job done.

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